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HOW TO BE FOUND ON THE INTERNET– Part III-A. Creating Compelling Content

How To Create Compelling SEO/Optimized Content That Will Rank You Well In Search Engines – 

 Keyword Research & Strategy

Whatever your market–global or local–developing original, quality, compelling content is extremely important, and plays an even more important role in your SEO strategy on and off the page. Content Marketing [1] is a great SEO & Lead Generation Strategy especially with recent changes from Google: “Google Places Is Over, Company Makes Google+ The Center Of Gravity For Local Search.”  

To find out more about keyword research & strategy for optimized content continue reading:

SEO is changing–nothing can be taken for granted, new techniques, technology and methods are constantly being introduced and have been since the Civil War. However, SEO main purpose remains the same–to increase traffic to your site with compelling content that includes related keyword /phrases that people actually want to read and share. This also becomes important because of the ‘new world order’ of social networks and influence as a major player in ranking – recognizing authorship, natural links and social signals, delivering higher search ranking and more organic links.
"Content" has always been king (that hasn’t changed), it helps you appear in searches, builds authority so people want to share with others and shows passion–knowledge on a subject. Since Social data is now a powerful factor in identifying ‘best content’ it needs to be search engine friendly, using language in context and relevant to Searchers keywords/phrases. With appropriately structured and distributed content your brand will be a winner in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages).

Key-Words Matter !

You’re Not Going to be FoundIf You Don't Add Content Based on Terms Consumers Are Searching

Create a keyword research strategy utilizing your business plan marketing goals since they already focus your BRAND within a market niche. Extract from that marketing keyword/phrase terms to create significant compelling content . Keyword intelligence that’s relevant to your niche helps site visitors and enhances credibility. As an example of the Internet’s evolving intelligence (Web 3.0):
  • Keywords of the past:  foot, doctor, feet
  • Keywords of the present: Feet in NJ, foot pain, tired feet
  • Keywords of the Future: Caring for aging parents hurting feet, foot injury while jogging etc.

8- Essential Elements of Search Engine Keyword Research

1.     Develop a Keyword Plan– see "How to Develop a Good KeywordPlan" [2];
2.     Use Keyword reference tools:
b.     SEO Book Keyword suggestion tool (FREE registration required) [4];
c.     Paid vs. Free? I go for the FREE resources till you get really good, this way nothing to lose and you learn the basics;
3.     Find specific ‘phrases that describe your Brand not just what’s popular–high ranking generic terms DO NOT return relevant results;
4.     Consider alternative search terms–synonyms and adding geo location;
5.     Find highly relevant words/phrases–search terms need to have a basis from your product or service benefit or ultimate goal being offered;
6.     Look at words/ phrases people actual use when searching for information on topics pertaining to your brand/market niche–check out the competition;
7.     Be counter-initiative when selecting some keywords– don’t worry if SERP scores don’t change immediately; 
8.     Develop SEO/ SEM Content Resources–follow blogs, Twitter and Facebook: SearchEngineLand.Com,,,,,, Techland.Time.Com,, are a few good ones.
Now that you’ve done your research and checked out the most import keywords/phrases you’ll need to categorize them and look for patterns in the way people search.  Jenny Halasz garden metaphor: “Keyword Categories are like Garden Plans” is a great way to think about this, see her article as well as others here. 
Editor's Note: This post is part of an ongoing series.  Here are the links to Part 1., and Part 2.  Our next blog Part 3-A “On How to be Found on The Internet” will discuss how to take this imperative keyword research and create appealing and compelling content.
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