Wednesday, July 11, 2012

HOW TO BE FOUND ON THE INTERNET – Part II. Three-Steps To Develop A Solid Strategy

How to Create a Strategy That Will Evolve With the Overall Changing Internet Search Landscape and Ubiquitous World Wide Web 

1.     Defining Lingo – Learn the Language

2.     The Marketing Plan – The First Step in All Strategy

3.     The SWOT Analysis – Data to Feed Search Engines

4.   All Business Objectives – Lead Generation     




1.     Defining Lingo – Learn the Language

       Learning terms helps make strategic decisions that effect correct initiatives for high-ranking SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages). Search Engine Journal[1], SEOMoz, WebSEOanalytics are some good resources to get familiar with basic SEO and how Internet Search is changing. Here is a handy reference of terms: Lean SEO-Lingo Defined.  

2.     The Marketing Plan – The First Step in All Strategy 

       A good strategy will carry you through the ever-evolving changes to the worldwide web, whether you’re selling the latest tech gadget, a new app, the best chocolate chip cookie or dentist in the neighborhood, the first step of any strategy is having a marketing plan.    

3.     The SWOT Analysis – Data to Feed Search Engines               

        SCORE ‘Online Workshops’ resource  under the category of Technology & Computers: “Tech Made Simple: Creating a Technology Plan for Your Small Business” Chapter #6: Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat  is a helpful resource for your SWOT analysis.

  All Business Objectives Are About Lead Generation–Creating a Customer

What is happening today with social media, connectivity and always-on technology have allowed expanded levels of integrated communications.  Global vs. local is a game changer and Web 2.0–social media platforms allow everyone-employees, customers, prospects even detractors a voice equal to that of your company. Communication is no longer limited to conventional, one-dimensional media channels bound by geography.  We may be living in a web 2.0 world, but behaviors that this new environment triggers are solidly Human 1.0[1].”  

Business objectives have not changed much since Peter Drucker described them, saying “Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two–only two–basic functions: Marketing and innovation.” So the end goal of business has not changed: it is still to create a customer-LEAD GENERATION.  It is everything in between the path to that goal that has changed–thanks to the Internet. Creating a customer in the 21st century viral world has come down-to How Other People (customers) find your Brand on the Internet and that means SEARCH has become more important than ever.

Editor's Note: This post is part of an ongoing series.  Here are the links to Part 1., and Part 2.  Our next blog Part 3-A “On How to be Found on The Internet” will discuss  How To Create Compelling-Optimized Content – for SEARCH in specific niches, market targets/ communities/ Tribes[2] , geographic platforms and social networks. And, what’s required to populate these platforms that will increase rankings and visibility.



[1] Search Engine Journal   

[2] SEOMoz 

[3] WebSEOanalytics 

[4] Learn SEO-Lingo Defined: Search Engine Journal

[5] “TheThird Wave” by Alvin Toffler: William Morrow & Company Inc. 1980 

[6] The Seven Myths of Hyper Social Organizations- Why human 1.0 is Key


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