Thursday, July 21, 2011

22 Tips For Writing a SEO Press Release – for Real People and Robots

The Press Release as part of the communication marketing mix is a powerful tool that carries your branding messages across multi-media channels. It provides useful information for the media to create stories and disseminate in-depth information about your business, product or service.

Today's technology driven, fast passed news media requires implementation of vertical marketing that utilizes the new media tactics within press releases, which include key words, tagging, hyperlinks, SEO, EON, etc. This effectively bridges the traditional i.e., print with new media/ online, web and interactive 2.0 technology. These new communications tactics, when applied correctly extend the reach of the initial message and marketing communication content beyond the original life cycle and promotes a digital foot-print in the Internet viral biosphere­– with Business Wire’s inclusion in Google News Archives–press releases live forever.

When it comes to getting your press release seen online, the rules for writing may be different from what you've been taught (The Inverted Pyramid*). These tips will help you write a release that people will read and create more Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS) will find.

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