Wednesday, May 1, 2013

HOW TO BE FOUND ON THE INTERNET – III-B Structuring & Writing Optimized Content

How To Create Compelling SEO/Optimized Content That Will Rank You Well In Search Engines – 

Structuring & Writing Optimized Content for Humans & Bots Alike

With your keyword research done, and some understanding of what these keywords mean to the people (‘tribes,’ communities, ‘market target’) who are searching for your product or service you’re ready to start creating some great-optimized CONTENT. Structuring that content needs to appeal to both humans and robots. Read more about:
  • The "Inverted Pyramid" – Structuring Compelling Content;
  • The 3-Major Components that power search Engines for Search;
  • 11-Tips for Writing Compelling, Optimized Content that Ranks Well in Search Engines-for Lead Generation;
  • Why Optimized Content Ranks You Well in Search.

To find out more about structuring & writing optimized content continue reading: