Friday, January 15, 2010

Managing Your Message Across Multimedia Platforms

Managing Your Message Across Multimedia Platforms
(Or, Optimizing Your News So You Look Hot & Hip From The Start & Get Great Global Pickup)

Today’s media is at once smaller (as in more accessible worldwide) and more crowded (as in electronic exchanges cluttered with spam).

Sending out a press release or attending a tradeshow is no longer a sufficient publicity tactic “in and of itself.”

To make sure your press releases go out in the most technically savvy way, you need to make sure your messaging and marketing efforts are geared toward Web 2.0 audiences. This means ensuring each release has the proper key & tag word density and key phrases to taking advantage of the today’s metatext and anchor text parameters. Why? Consider the potential results. An average CJC Strategist ‘loaded’ release produces 40 thousand headline impressions (depending on distribution) 3,500 views with a click- through rate (CRT) of 255 and over 150 instantaneous postings to (social) media and blog sites around the globe.

You also need to make sure any news you send out has staying power. This means developing content with the “Long Tail” effect in mind -- that huge percentage of consumers searching for content long after the initial impact of a traditional news release. CJC-crafted releases consistently find their way to top of page for Google and Yahoo searches for the first 3 days in the 2nd and 3rd position and lasted for one in the 4 and 6th position on the search page and pushed traffic to the clients website.

If you do it right, you can manage the current multimedia platforms to your advantage in two ways: your message goes out in the most technologically savvy way – setting the right tone from the start; and also that you get the maximum pickup possible with key media outlets around the globe.

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