Thursday, February 4, 2010

Getting Great ROI On Tradeshows Virtually

Getting Great ROI On Tradeshows Virtually
(Or, Gaining Global Coverage By Approaching Journalists In Ways They Actually Welcome)

Virtual media tours are by far the way to go over traditional ones – if properly managed. They are more cost-effective as well as time saving. Most important, they let you introduce an idea or product to an international audience in ways that gain their attention and engage them in your message from the start.

A virtual press campaign – combined with old-fashioned relationship management at a tradeshow or other industry event you may already be attending – allows you to approach global media in ways they want to be approached. Web-enhanced marketing tools have made it possible to orchestrate a virtual encounter with any journalist in the world through podcasts, video casts, film tours, blog tours and trailers. YouTube and other multi-channeled media delivery systems spurred on by the Web2.0 technology allow you to deliver your story online via virtual events that are actually reaching important journalists and media who wouldn’t otherwise be either accessible cause of time, location or budget.

If you are among the many rethinking tradeshows because they’ve offered little or no return on your investment, consider this: We rocked tradeshows for our clients, getting up to 6 months of press coverage around each specific tradeshow or event date. We constantly deliver the kind of positive press coverage that converts to sales leads and increased sales long after an event, maintaining momentum and excitement of product long after the initial launch.

As a result, we’ve filled press pipelines for NDA products with 50 or more full page reviews, and delivered 80 one-on-one press interviews at a single tradeshow.

Consider using virtual tours to prepare the media for the Next Big Thing as well as provide follow-up details to previous high-level announcements – and you could produce phenomenal ROI for each and every tradeshow or industry event on your media calendar.

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