Saturday, June 12, 2010

Is one version of your Press Release enough?

Short Answer: No.

Is it necessary to write several versions of one news release for the wire and another for direct delivery to targeted media?

Yes, consideration of the delivery / distribution for a press release at the initial stages of writing alters the style and the voice used within the text-copy.  As does the subject matter of a release i.e., launch of a product, news item, corporate, consumer or trade announcement. 

Posting on the Business Wire network for example, reaches a broad audience, consequently the release needs to appeal and engage a broader audience. Since this type of release is distributed widely on the Internet through Business Wire’s elaborate Enhance Online News (EON) distribution systems, so it’s critical to leverage the limited space and attention of the reader.  Consideration of the most important ‘how, what and where’ can be expanded by inserting URL’s, hyperlinks, key and (SEO) optimized words to give the interested reader additional information and expanded point priorities that reader wants, yet maintaining interest with the broader market. Optimization also makes your Wire release more relevant to the viral and social media worlds, archives the information, product or company on the Internet for future searches.

Market specific and niche releases have the luxury of more space were you can elaborate since the market target is more specific.  Niche market-specific, i.e. business to business/ trade audiences already have an interest in your topic, allowing you to be more upfront and center with detailed information. This doesn’t preclude the use of (SEO) optimization and key words/ phrases.  And, you don’t have to consider the cost of paying for each word as you would with a wire release.
(For more about press release optimization go to:

There are many more types of delivery systems for news releases today than ever before in the history of the communications industry.  Each delivery system of your release as well as the subject parameter need thoughtfulness to the different “voices” you use before writing a relevant release.   So yes, many versions of one release need to be considered in today’s multi-media world.

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